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Eagle Pointe Realty Rental Program

A great option to manage and generate

income on your vacation home

or investment portfolio

"As a Premier Agent, never have an empty unit without income by utilizing our marketing investments and having our properties advertised first on listing sites. Have the peace of mind that your property is taken care of while you collect your monthly check!"


What We Provide

What We Offer Our Owners

  • On-Site Management

  • Marketing & Advertisement

  • Tenant Screening & Background Checks

  • Tenant Correspondence & Monthly Rent Collection

  • Reclaim Ownership during the year to use at your leisure

  • Professional Housecleaning with single-day turnovers between move-ins

  • Maintenance Repairs or Remodeling by a skilled crew of Construction Foremen


What We Offer Our Tenants

  • Hotel Style Amenities

  • On-Site Management & Maintenance

  • Corporate Style, Fully Furnished Units

  • Short term leases with a 30 day minimum commitment and option to extend

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